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Voices from Developing Countries was established by Dr. Michelle Kalamandeen, a Remote Sensing & Conservation Scientist from Guyana, South America.

We live in a complex and diverse world, made up of hundreds of nationalities, thousands of languages and countless traditions. Conditions and circumstances differ enormously from country to country, in ways that aren’t easy to codify or understand – conditions not just of economic development, but of character, physical geography, educational norms, language, and culture. In this sense, context matters!

In many ways, local and indigenous communities, environmental practitioners, youths, and scientists from developing countries have been at the forefront of environmental and conservation movements – understanding the local and global contexts. Yet we have long lived in a world where our voices and perspectives are rarely heard, acknowledged or even included in the discourse.

This blog offers a platform for the transformative and diverse perspectives that the world has recently been calling for from local and indigenous communities, practitioners, youths and scientists from low and middle income countries (collectively known here as the Global South).

Our authorship includes numerous individuals who are leading the way in helping us understand the changes our world is undergoing and practical solutions that helps us solve the problems we are facing, especially in light of climatic changes. Here are our stories.

Conserve differently!

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