Nature-based Climate Solutions must be guided by a Rights-based Approach

Within the last 50 years, the human population has doubled, with global economic demands for energy and materials increasing 4-folds. In tandem to this growth has been an increase in global temperature of 0.2 degree C per decade since 1970, and according to the IPBES 2019 Global Assessment Report, an acceleration of species extinction rateContinue reading “Nature-based Climate Solutions must be guided by a Rights-based Approach”

Gold mining leaves deforested Amazon land barren for years

Travel through the rainforest in Guyana, in northern South America, and you’ll often hear the indigenous adage: “a forest has no end and no beginning” to explain their natural cycle of disturbance and recovery. For the people who live in these forests, their experiences are based on decades of slash and burn cultivation, from whichContinue reading “Gold mining leaves deforested Amazon land barren for years”

Economic Development and Conservation: Are they compatible?

In August 2019, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro dismissed the protection of Amazon rainforest as an impediment to economic development in the wake of the fires raging across his country. He reiterated this point at the recently held 74th Session of the UN General Assembly, citing that “there is no political freedom without economic freedom”.

Fire in the Amazon

In early August 2019 reports of increase fire counts across the Brazilian Amazon started reaching social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Photos of fire destruction started to swarm the internet, followed by numerous news outlets sounding off data and information. Sides were chosen: on one hand some insist the Amazon is going up in flames,Continue reading “Fire in the Amazon”

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